Piadina Romagnola with olive oil

The real piadina produced in Romagna. With olive oil (without lard), also suitable for vegetarians and people who do not eat pork. Thin and very versatile, it’s easy to defrost and you can fold it in 2 or 4, and even roll it with its filling.
Since it is a 100% cooked product, it is also possible to thaw it and eat it immediately.

Piadina Romagnola
Piadina Romagnola

We also offer a big varieties of other kind of piadina:

  • classic with lard
  • rustic: that it’s thicker
  • piadina snack (with a smaller diameter)
    … and much more

and again:

  • frozen Crescioni, with their characteristic crescent shape, stuffed with vegetables, meats and cooked cheeses.
  • frozen rolled piadine with cured meats and cheeses.

Using only certified raw materials and thanks to the freezing method (IQF – Individual Quik Frozen) we present on the market products with guaranteed quality and freshness.