Arancini Siciliani (from Sicily)

Arancini siciliani ragù Sicily
Arancini al ragù from Sicily

Maybe one of the best arancini on the market. Handcrafted in Sicily, the homeland of arancini. Processed according to the original recipe handed down over time, with the utmost care in cooking the rice, the grains are well defined. They are pear-shaped and very elegant to see. Pre-cooked, they can be simply reheated in the oven.

Tiramisu cake artisanal

Tiramisù is perhaps the best known and most popular Italian dessert in the world.

Despite being so famous, its creation is certainly recent, as the recipe appears in cookbooks from the 1960s.

Its geographical origin is discussed and attributed mainly to the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, but today it is consumed throughout the Italian territory.

It is a relatively simple dessert based on “Savoiardi” biscuits (or other biscuits with a crumbly consistency) soaked in coffee and covered with a mascarpone cream with eggs and sugar, which in some variations is flavored with liqueur.

Tiramisu has similarities with some traditional Italian pastry desserts, in particular the Charlotte and the Zuppa Inglese.

We have created our own recipe with a high percentage of mascarpone and cream.

Our 150g single serving size is handmade in Veneto in Northern Italy and is particularly suitable for takeout services from restaurants, delicatessens and Italian supermarkets.

Also available in a larger 1.1 kg format

Piadina Romagnola with olive oil

The real piadina produced in Romagna. With olive oil (without lard), also suitable for vegetarians and people who do not eat pork. Thin and very versatile, it’s easy to defrost and you can fold it in 2 or 4, and even roll it with its filling.
Since it is a 100% cooked product, it is also possible to thaw it and eat it immediately.

Piadina Romagnola
Piadina Romagnola

We also offer a big varieties of other kind of piadina:

  • classic with lard
  • rustic: that it’s thicker
  • piadina snack (with a smaller diameter)
    … and much more

and again:

  • frozen Crescioni, with their characteristic crescent shape, stuffed with vegetables, meats and cooked cheeses.
  • frozen rolled piadine with cured meats and cheeses.

Using only certified raw materials and thanks to the freezing method (IQF – Individual Quik Frozen) we present on the market products with guaranteed quality and freshness.

Pizza dough balls frozen

Handy frozen pizza balls of leavened dough, capable of rising at room temperature, to be then handcrafted and rolled out in a short time.
A high quality product for the genuineness of the selected flours and the purity of the extra virgin olive oil.
They can be made in different weights and also with the use of special flours (wholemeal, soy, spelt, …) to meet the most varied customer needs.

Pizza dough balls frozen
Pizza dough balls frozen

Cannelloni with Ricotta and Spinach IQF

Cannelloni (individually IQF frozen) filled with soft ricotta and spinach.
Perfect to prepare in a baking dish with bechamel and tomato (or with any sauces your imagination suggests: mushrooms, cheeses, vegetables, ragù …).

Cannelloni with Ricotta and Spinach
Cannelloni with Ricotta and Spinach