Pizza dough balls frozen

We deal with important and trusted Italian frozen food suppliers

All the food manufacturers we collaborate with are fully reliable. We know them by person and collaborate with them constantly. Their products are verified through years of sales on the European market.

The kitchens are often able to adapt the recipes to the requests of the individual customer.

Superior quality frozen Italian food

Frozen products of superior quality, different from the usual Italian brands known abroad. We collaborate with artisanal or semi-artisan producers, well known in Italy and appreciated locally, with whom we interact constantly.

Our job is to put European wholesalers in direct contact with the best producers in Italy.

Offering our experience, passion and honesty in work, we can be your partner to get the best local Italian food products at the best price.

We work regularly with important European wholesalers, by putting them in contact with the the Italian frozen food suppliers we work with.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.