We are broker for the European wholesalers of important high quality Italian local food products.

The productions we work with choose our collaboration because it costs less than having their own foreign sales office. This way they can dedicate themselves to making the best food products and selling them at the best price.

Italian frozen food products

More than 10 years of experience in imports of Italian frozen food products to the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

A deep experience in Italian frozen food imports in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, enabled us to create a dense network of relationships with the kitchens and food operators in any region of Italy.

That’s why here you can find a big assortment of different kind of Italian ingredients:

– food ingredients and ready meals

– sweets

– ice cream ingredients

– pizza ingredients

Our products are chosen according to the needs of our clientele while ensuring to adapt the best quality / price ratio to the context of the market. We collaborate daily with the producers so that we do not miss any new trends and share them with our customers.

Italian food imports Altamura bread
Altamura bread

You will buy directly from the producers

We usually work with high quality local productions. These plants choose our collaboration because it costs much less than having their own foreign sales office.

If you are looking for a particular food product or brand to import directly from Italy we can help you to:

– obtain the best prices

– work with your private label

– optimize the logistic minimizing the transport costs

– organize the transport and the storing of your products

This way you can save money and obtain only high quality and exclusive recipes.

Italian food imports tiramisù

Our customers are wholesalers in Europe but also all those Italian food operators such as restaurants, delis, ice cream parlors … who want to buy some of their ingredients directly in Italy.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.